Thursday, September 02, 2004

taptaptap... Is this thing on?

*clears throat*

*cracks knuckles as if preparing to play piano*

Ah, the maiden blog.

This is pretty cool, I must admit. Beats the Target excercise book journal of last semester. I've just had a fiddle around with the control panel on this thang and I have to say, you're unlikely to see any whizz-bang technology from me here. Multi-coloured fonts is about as exciting as its gonna get, kids, get used to it. (An aside: I wonder if I've faux pas'ed already by using an adjective as trite and piss-weak as "whizz-bang" in a writing assignment?)

Now what's the deal here? Do we workshop our work here, only to have it stolen by some unscrupulous hack(er) who's hard-up for ideas? Do we rant about the Aussie medal count at this year's Olympics (I don't give a flying fuck...) or the upcoming election (my high-flying gig as a call centre employee for the AEC prevents me from "being seen to engage in..." well... such things). Do we review gigs? (I'm supposed to be seeing Something For Kate at the Prince of Wales tonight, but I had a pretty nasty fall a couple of days ago and I don't fancy the idea of a crowded pub right now, where any punter's stray elbow could come in contact with bruised flesh and cause me severe pain. Admittedly there's never a lot of movement more threatening than lackadaisacal head-nodding at a SFK gig but I'm not willing to risk it).

That leaves poetry then. Or shopping lists.

One day in Autumn
Alien warmth shows itself:
Postcards from Summer

I know: lame. But that takes care of this week's ALW102 homework :)

Best stick to shopping lists...

paper towels
dish washing liquid
low fat yoghurt


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