Friday, September 10, 2004

So much to tell you...

Well there is. I knew I'd be no good at regular entries; I can't manage those in my "old-fashioned" paper journal either. You know what would be cool? If I could figure out hyperlinking on this thing. Then I could do something like this:

Right now there's something else I should be doing (of course), but the butchered curriculum of a particular elective course I'm taking this semester is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I'd rather think about next weekend, when I'm heading into the city for a couple of birthday bashes (and inevitable bar tabs) and plan to pay a visit to The Gurge in their bubble in Federation square. Or the trip I won to Miami. I'd even rather think about the strange conversations you overhear working at close quarters with strange types in a call centre. I could wax remorseful on foot in mouth disease. Or talk about the disappointingly ineffectual anaesthetic properties of three quarters of a bottle of Michelton riesling before bed. Yes, anything would be better than starting homework for that elective.

Now imagine that where the font appears in bold red above you could click on a phrase and follow that particular train of thought. Be more interesting that the unimaginative alternative I'm about to embark on. But sadly, I lack the technological smarts. We learned hyperlinking in a digital media class I took at RMIT once, but that was within the same essay: pointless. Like digital television. And like digital teevee theory, I forget what we learned about it anyway.


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