Tuesday, September 14, 2004

"I heard the news today, oh boy..." (The Beatles)

A huge storm named Ivan assaults the Caribbean islands, one by one...

Mt Etna overflows...

And a man fleeing police slows his car down just long enough to throw a baby in a car seat out the door before speeding off again, eventually crashing the car and killing himself.

Got me thinking about how --- if at all --- trauma affects a baby that young. Whether we do have access to memories that "old", so to speak. And about my own, not-quite-so-traumatic foetal experiences in my mother's womb during a bank robbery. She was a teller while pregnant with me and made to lie face down. Once a homeopath told me that I had suffered a trauma while very young which caused my stomach problems, or some food allergy or other, but he totally fished for the information.

Idea for a story? A young baby suffers some unimaginable trauma and, as a result, is treated slightly differently his or her entire life. Eventually learns about his/ her past but, paradoxically it is the treatment of others' resulting from the trauma that causes him/ her to come undone in some way, rather than the event itself.


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