Sunday, September 19, 2004

"The weekend's here hip hip hooray/ To make the blues just go away..." (Blur)

Another spiffing weekend in merry Melbourne.

Beginning circa 4PM as I emerged from the underbelly of the Arts Centre into bright sunlight and laid eyes on Federation Square (which I will never get used to) There were some groovy sounds coming from alongside the Yarra so I detoured that way on my way into ACMI. Found a Greens rally, a band, lotsa stalls, and dreadlocks attached to hemp-clad hippies... ascending into the "heart"of Fed Square I was assaulted with repetitive bass and capacity crowds as an arvo rave rook place... moving ever onwards I spied The Gurge trapped in a glass bubble. Quan--the formidable frontman, sporting spunky new facial hair--shredded his guitar while producer Magoo looked on, draped in a Brissie Lions scarf in honour of the prelim match about to take place that night. I found my way into ACMI from the street entrance and spent the next few hours providing moral support for buddy Dianne--whose job it was to stand guard over the shrieking teens who came to watch the Overly Coiffed One and the Googly Eyed One of Australian Idol fame host a video request show. When that wrapped up we headed out for dinner--cripsy chicken and egg noodles yum yum!--and a couple of bday bashes in a couple of trendy Melbourne bars with odd, one-word titles, overpriced drinks and mood lighting. Next an English pub with daggy music from yesteryear to sing along to--loudly and off-key--followed by a late-late night venue called The Pony, when the pub closed. Stumbled home at 4AM, going via the bubble to see what The Gurge were up to (Sleeping, oddly enough). Posted a note scrawled on the back of an ATM receipt through their mailbox and laughed at how witty we were.

A rally, a rave, a bizarre publicity stunt/ performance art project, live telly, a footy match... all in one afternoon--I love Melbourne.

Its like the Googly Eyed One said: "How can one city contain so much excitement?"


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