Monday, September 27, 2004

Miami cont'd

PART #2: Miami Quotes

On disposable cameras:
"It says 'Don't expose to extreme heat or moisture', so we take it to *MIAMI* and go swimming in a *POND*!" (snaps, irritably)

Definition of irony:
After a hard day on the tourist circuit, the two girls sip cocktails at a poolside bar. Still jet-lagged and disorientated, one comments on how long the last twenty four hours have felt.
"Will this day never END?!" Comes the response.

On reasons for a change in South Beach's patronage from one day to the next:
"Maybe they've evacuated? *cups her hands over her mouth in an impersonation of an announcer* This is a hot guy evacuation: Will all the hot guys please leave Miami. Women and children remain."

"Ugly guys'll start to impersonate hot guys..."

"How do they do that? Wear Birkenstocks and smear on the fake tan?"

Overheard in an elevator:
"Its a nice day to evacuate."

When darkness descends on South Beach:
"Uh oh..." (ominously)

"What?" (raising her head off the towel)



"The storm..."

"Oh Cassy, the sun went behind a cloud, ya idiot!"


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