Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Is there a chapter in the manual about how to STOP?

Our blog assignments were due today, so there's no real reason for me to keep posting but I tell ya: this blogging stuff is addictive. Is it strange that I find myself composing blogs in my head about certain events as they happen? Most of them never get written but nonetheless, surely that is a neurosis?(!)

Last night I had a bizarre dream. I and several family members were in our living room when my sister spotted a low-flying sky-writer outside our window. The small plane left a trail of white in its wake -- like a string of toothpaste -- and from it hung a banner than said something subversive. We watched with alarm as it flew nearer and nearer to our house until eventually a woman -- wearing Dame Edna-esque goggles and carrying what looked like a surf board under each arm -- became visible, perched at the 'tail' of the plane. She jumped, and glided into our backyard and then proceeded to pace up and down as if looking for something. I invited her in for a cup of tea but she declined before spouting bizarre prophecies. she knew things about us that she couldn't possibly know. I became intrigued and had to know more. I asked her her name but she wouldn't tell me, saying only "beware of post offices". I went to shake her hand but suddenly she was three inches tall and I was wearing over-sized dish washing gloves and she could only shake the loose tip of one finger.

Suddenly we are at a kind of service in my backyard. I am seated in the front row, along with dozens of people I've never met before while the mysterious prophetess -- now returned to her full size -- is playing scrabble with the priest on my lawn. The scrabble tiles are huge. The priest suspects foul play and runs around upturning everyone's scrabble tiles, looking for evidence. Then, in the real world the doorbell rings and I wake up.

The scariest thing of all was that at one stage the dream me was wondering how I would write this up as a blog?!


Blogger wowedout said...

wow. what a dream. i dreamed during my nap that i was in a box of some sort and it was being filled up with concrete and i was completely absorbed besides my nose so i could breathe and all i could think about was blogging ..... wow. check out my blog if you want to know how i feel about the addiction.

Tue. Oct. 12, 04:37:00 pm 2004  
Blogger finnegan said...

nice dream account violet. the lucid part about writing it up as a blog hasn't yet happened to me, but i don't doubt it will.

you might want to keep a small recording device (paper and pencil or ipod with recorder or whatever)
and as soon as you wake begin raking your mind for where you just were. don't even think one thought about the day ahead or anything else. you will be amazed at how this stimulates recall.

Thu. May 12, 04:03:00 pm 2005  

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