Saturday, October 09, 2004

When I grow up...

I wanna be a government employee !

... But only if every day was like today.

'Twas my last shift with the AEC (the real last shift, unlike the promise of yesterday's last shift with its last minute extension to today). Free muffins and juice were supped by all and a slow but steady stream of calls dealt with inbetween intra-cubicle games of stress ball volleyball --- if an outsider has wandered into the AEC offices they may have been reminded of a rock festival crowd; a sea of hands tapping a giant beach ball around, only imagine the beach ball is tiny and made of stress-ball rubber, and the hands are seperated by cubicle walls --- and juggling demos by the some of the more talented call centre staff. I learned to play poker and had some stellar hands on our make shift filing cabinet/ table.

A hard day's play for a hard day's pay...

Quote of the day:
" we went out into the night in our balaclavas (this was before September 11, so you could still wear balaclavas around and people would just go, 'hmm there's some guy from TISM')..."
- John Safran


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