Wednesday, October 06, 2004

There is salt in the air and gum on my shoe...

Its a good thing, I assure you.

What I'm sayin' is that today feels like Summer.

I finally finished that toturous essay on the inter-war migrational trends of the British Empire(!) for my history class and I am over the 'hump' so to speak. It was the hump essay. The one that made me doubt I would ever finish
anything. It took me an entire week to pen the introduction, for fuck's sake: every time I sat down and tried to go on my mind filled with successive deadlines. And the desire for a muffin. (An aside: Adaptation was not one of Charlie Kaufman's best films in my humble opinion--probably my least favourite, and more than eclipsed by the blissful and inspired Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind--but I loved the scene where he sits down to write and can think only of coffee and muffins. It goes to show that even 'gods' are human... Did I just type that 'cos I thought it sounded interestingly contradictive? Am I, then, no better than those try-hards who fill pages with deliberately edgy, 'subversive' text and repeated use of the word 'fuck' which people are forced to consider 'brilliant' because they can't understand a friggin' word, a la the wanker who hacked up a lungful o' phlegm onto a page, called it 'Jesus is Green Man' and ultimately led to my wasting 15 minutes of my life in a recent writing tute?! Hm. In that case, I take it back. My 'interestingly contradictory' phrase, that is, not anything nasty I said about afore-mentioned phlegm-spinner).

Now where was I? Oh yeah...

I'm not quite coastin' from here til Christmas but getting that history essay done has made all the difference. All else is attainable now. Another 2000 words on a yet-to-be-chosen Global Islamic Politics topic; a similar length of ruminations on modern philosophy and I'm home free.


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