Monday, January 03, 2005

Raise your hand if you've ever slept with a rock star...

...and keep 'em up while I count.

No, sadly this isn't a segue-way to a sordid tale of my own, I was just wonderin'. Leave your tales at the end of this blog.

I saw Klinger on the last Tuesday of 2004. They played Melbourne's Ding Dong Lounge in a one-off reunion gig. It was the first time I caught them in the flesh, after many attempts to do so during their short but sparkly career. The boys are probably best known for the bouncy, rockin' love song 'Hello Cruel World' which was, frontman Ben Birchell informed us, "the 86th best song of 1999", as ruled by Triple J's Hottest 100 in that year. Birchell is comfortable onstage, energetic, engagingly self-deprecating and possessed with one of the best smiles in rock n' roll. Apart from helping out with guitar and backing vocals for The Well Wishers -- a spin-off band fronted by Klinger's guitarist -- and some solo dabbling I have no idea what Birchell has planned next, but I'm looking forward to it, and to seeing his experience catch up to his energy and charisma.

Speakin' of rockin', I hope your New Year's was. I saw 2005 in from a friend's backyard. We BBQ'd beef and prawns, drank rum and champers, took our shoes off and danced to the Beastie Boys on the lawn. It was one of the more enjoyable New Years' I've had, maybe because I determinedly threw away any expectations I had of it. And if I have any resolutions for this year, then that would be it: to relax into life and let it happen, and stop deciding I've failed if it doesn't somehow stack up.

So, no, I haven't slept with any rock stars. Not yet, but the year is young and who knows what it might hold...


Blogger transience said...

given my penchant for dramatic storytelling, i am sad to say i haven't slept with any rock stars. i wish i could. i wish i would. but somehow, i know i never will. i've never been the kind of girl who attracts the bad-ass types, but i am drawn to them.

oh well, new year's was nice. i celebrated it at work, downing iced tea from a fishbowl and poking at something that looked like focaccia. the only daring thing i did was preen while removing my jacket, revealing a pretty, flimsy camisole underneath. didn't draw any rock stars like the bees, though. haha!

i linked you up, btw. =)

Mon. Jan. 03, 02:11:00 pm 2005  
Blogger transience said...

oh, and happy new year's.

Mon. Jan. 03, 02:22:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Jay said...

I remember that. I think it's the green stuff under 5 feet of snow in my backyard.
And no, no rockstars for me either; I guess I'll have to become a rockstar myself in order for that to happen, and until clapping becomes recognized as playing a musical instrument, I don't see it happening...and yeah, I wish transcience had a story to tell us, I need to live vicariously.

Tue. Jan. 04, 09:01:00 am 2005  
Blogger Calaloola said...

transience: Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I, too, have an unreciprocated attraction to good-looking bad boys (a category that rock n' rollers epitomise so well). Its funny, in all else I preach a vague quasi-feminist DIY ethic, but when it comes to rockers (even a few good-lookin comedians come festival time) I have this latent (and totally uncommendable) desire to be a groupie(!) What's that about??

Jay: Hi! Where'd you come from? Somewhere sub-zero by the sound of it. Nice to see ya. When clapping is recognised as a musical skill, I'll join your band. Until then, I guess its back to the sticky floors and unrequited lust of Melbournes live music scene for me ;)

ps: You boogied with Dr Phil on New Years??

Wed. Jan. 05, 01:07:00 pm 2005  
Blogger transience said...

calaloola >> oh man. groupie, band-aid, whatever you call it, i'd just want to get down and dirty with some really hunky, broody rock star. sigh. why do we put ourselves through such torture? well, we're kindred spirits that way.

Wed. Jan. 05, 07:51:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Calaloola said...

trans: Amen, sista! There should be a support group for cases like us ;)

Fri. Jan. 07, 05:04:00 pm 2005  

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