Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Once more unto the breech... (or somethin' like it :))

Wahey! 1 exam down, 1 to go. And the worst is over: the next one's a whole week away and open-book(!) What a relief.

I know I shouldn't whinge (but I'm an Arts student, it's what we do: work little, and whinge when we do... :)) I struggled to find motivation for this one, I tell ya. My only studying consisted of about forty minutes last night when I harangued Mum with what little I remembered from Islamic Politics classes this semester. This morning I forgot my student ID today and two pens fell out of my pocket on my way into the exam, so I faced it with one -- one! -- lonely blue biro and the hope that it wouldn't run out. (Oh, do I live on the edge... ;)) Ever since a nightmare I had during VCE when I brought half a dozen pens into an exam and, one by one, they all ran out, I've been a walking stationary store during exam time, but not today. Ah well, its over now. (For me, anyway, some poor saps are still scribbling away madly).

'Tis a gorgeous sunny Cup Day outside and the post exam euphoria means that I'm not even feeling too bad about the fact that I have to work till 11 tonight. Not yet, anyway. Still bummed that my Cup Day consists of an early morning, an exam and the infamous dead shift at work, especially since Cup Eve in Melbourne is a sanctioned piss-up.

I'm OK now, but this morning I wished was that I was in bed nursing a hangover like everyone else... ;)


Blogger jet said...

Lady lady lady. how are ya?
now stop yer bitching, read the celestine prophecy and calm the feck down!

Thu. Nov. 04, 07:54:00 pm 2004  
Blogger Calaloola said...

Heh heh. Oh, I can't be BOTHERED reading that new-agey tripe... ;) But me is good, thinking about checking out some fine tunes in The Famous Speigeltent this weekend, and still liking the new job muchly. Hows yours btw? And the job hunt on the side?

Fri. Nov. 05, 12:44:00 pm 2004  

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