Sunday, October 24, 2004

Another blast from the past and a brush with a C grade celeb...

I served Richard Stubbs today.

At least I think I did. It could have been some other middle aged man with curly hair and a deep, distinctive voice---I didn't get a good look at his EFTPOS card. Reg 5 (on the music floor, for lay-people) is bustlin' at the mo.

1. Some off my fave Borders staff work on the music floor
2. I may or may not have served Richard Stubbs there
and 3. The other night I served an old lecturer from my RMIT days, altho I wouldn't have recognised him --- he was all bearded and beanie-d.

Former Lecturer recongised me tho, and mentioned that he'd run into at least one other Borders staffer who'd done Media @ RMIT in the form of Matt The Englishman. It turns out Matt actually finished the course(!) and next time I worked with Matt we compared notes on fave lecturers and tutors, most hated subjects and favourite destinations to de-bunk to when it all got too much and the siren call of the city was too hard to resist (I favoured visits to Luna Park or St Kilda's Astor Theatre over my Monday arvo Digital Media lectures, personally...)

Good times.

I dig the egalitarian approach to pop culture favoured by Borders staffers. For too long I have lingered somewhere slightly off-centre, finding the beret-wearing arts wankers of city Uni life too, well, wankerish but finding the suburban cult of Big Brother too damn stoopid. Give me the middle path. On my morning break I might want to talk over the brilliance of a Charlie Kaufman film or the latest offering of European cinema, but by lunch I'm ready to deconstruct performances on Oz Idol and bet on the winner.

Who says you can't have it all?

Quote of the day:

This one's from the archives, from an interview Richard Stubbs did on Recovery, lo! so many years ago...

"...and I'm thinking, 'oh my god! I'm gonna die on my way to the birthday of a singlet!'"
--Richard Stubbs on his brush with death in a private jet on the way to a Chesty Bonds anniversary party.


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