Monday, October 18, 2004

The sun never sets for shopping centre staff...

Ah, retail. I hate it, but here I am again... :)

I guess I can call it practise for the endless days of a Norwegian summer next year. You do get majorly disorientated when trapped in a box for nine hours straight. Borders has windows, but not on the music floor, where I spent most of my shift yesterday. I told curious customers the time, but it meant nothing to me. When I broke for some peppermint tea just after 9PM I coulda sworn it was about 5 and still light. 'Tis surreal.

Since I started at the store I've been prepped for kooky requests from customers. So far the closest I've got was a request from a middle-aged man with three kids buzzing about his ankles. He asked for "a book by Jenny Wade" and when I did a search the only book that came up was a sex guide. I tentatively asked if this was the one he was after, he nodded and his kids giggled. Which brings me to---

quote of the day...

Still baffled by the geography of Borders, I enlisted the help of fellow staffer Andrew no. 2 with the horny gentleman's request.
Me: Um... where's the sex section?
Andrew no. 2: (grinning wryly) Oh, can't you wait?
Then he glimpses the ankle-biters and adds: I think he's had enough!


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