Friday, November 12, 2004

The prize that keeps on deliverin'...

As readers of this blog will know (heh heh, I always wanted to type that :)), not too long ago I received a phone call from the good people at Arena TV on Foxtel, telling me to pack some sunscreen and ear plugs pronto, 'cos I was off to Miami to see Usher live (hence the ear plugs). Now, I and my sis had a sensational time in South Beach: supping on shrimp, sipping mojitos and eyeing the eye candy on and off the beach, but the trip was not without mishap. We never got to meet Usher (sigh) and Hurricane Jeanne proved to be a rather bitchy land-lady, evicting us about 36 hours early. This news so devastated the lovely people at Arena that they sent us a box full of goodies on our return. Then BMG -- Usher's label -- sent us a box full of tunes (which I'm sure they'll find good use for down at Cash Converters). And it seems it ain't over yet, yesterday I received an email from Arena inviting I and a friend to an live and intimate Neil and Tim Finn gig in a couple of weeks, which is being filmed for MusicMAX on Foxtel. Remember the Crowdies? They rocked. That Neil is one of the best things we ever stole from New Zealand, next to lamingtons. This, I wanna listen to (Usher, take notes).

Wahey! is all I can say. I'd like to thank Arena and some seriously bad weather for this unexpected string of freebies.

I could get used to this.


Blogger League of Night and Fog said...

Holy snapping Duck-Shit, Batman. This is THE most colorfully enticing neonic blog I am yet to stumble accross. And one that works.

Wonders will never cease.

Steve Irwins Comes OUT alas, the croc-hunter has left his wife...

Sat. Nov. 13, 12:33:00 am 2004  
Blogger Calaloola said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sat. Nov. 13, 02:24:00 pm 2004  
Blogger Calaloola said...

Cheers for the feedback and that sensational text-byte. It's a keeper: mind if I use it on the promo posters for the upcoming film based on my blog? I can see it now...

"... captures the early-twentieth century zeitgeist"
- The Age

"Truly moving... a triumph"
- The New York Times

"THE most colourfully enticing neonic blog I have yet to stumble across!"
- A.I


Sat. Nov. 13, 02:26:00 pm 2004  
Blogger Mel said...

came to Miami???? Too bad we didn't know each other then!!!


Wed. Nov. 17, 08:42:00 am 2004  
Blogger Calaloola said...

Indeed I did -- I was SURE I'd told you that. We stayed in South Beach, right on the lovely, neon Ocean Drive...

Thu. Nov. 18, 03:23:00 pm 2004  

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